Click here to download the paper submitted to Journal of Statistical Software that describes the package.

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The EnQuireR project

The EnQuireR project is about the statistical exploration of data issued from questionnaires. It refers to both the website and the R package.

On this website you will find first our point of view on how we look at questionnaires. You will also find advice, examples, tutorials: how to build questionnaires, how to analyze them. Finally, you will find the EnQuireR package, its latest updates...

The EnQuireR package was developped during a university project led at Agrocampus Ouest. In the final year of undergraduate studies, students from Agrocampus Ouest do a project related to their specialization. Jérôme Bouche, Gwenaëlle Fournier, Olivier Fournier, François Le Poder from the specialization "Applied Statistics" programmed the package, with the help of Sébastien Lê and Marine Cadoret from the applied mathematics department of Agrocampus Rennes. The EnQuireR project is in line both with the common use of the R software in the university and our wish to analyse efficiently the results from questionnaires and surveys.

Stay tuned and we hope you will find this project useful!

What is an enquirer?

By definition, an enquirer is someone who asks a question. To enquire means to seek information by asking a question, to make an inquiry or investigation.

How should I translate the word "enquirer"?

language description
French celui qui se renseigne, s'informe.
Spanish alguien que se entera, se informa.
Italian qualcuno que si informa.